Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Photo Credit: Georgene Shelton
Welcome to Metro Textile! Source of the finest fabrics. Call us for prices and swatches. We are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.
We are located at
265 West 37th Street
Suite 908
New York, NY 10018

Phone: 212-209-0004
Fax: 212-209-0005


  1. I've been a customer of Mr. Kashi's for a few years. I highly recommend him for truly beautiful fabrics at very fair (low) prices. He has great quality staples, like italian wools, and he also offers some more trendy options. You can't lose with Kashi. I should add that have no affiliation with his business, of course!

  2. merry-one11:04 AM

    This past weekend I left Metro Textile's a happy woman. I was able to find silk charmeuse in three jewel tones and a print. My blouse wardrobe for Fall/Winter 2007 will be so trendy! A worthwile stop on my weekend away.

  3. Kashi always has what I'm looking for, he has some really special fabrics. As a student I wouldn't be able to afford the wools & silks that I love if I shopped anywhere else.


  4. Roberta Wilson6:45 AM

    My first trip to Metro on 10/25/07 was a great experience. I got material for 3 projects and did not break the bank! Thanks Kashi

  5. Hi Kashi! It's Cindy Lou, from PR, writing to tell you THANK YOU AGAIN for all the wonderful fabrics you sold me during PR weekend in New York! And, seriously, my husband thanks you for having such very reasonable prices on all these nice, nice fabrics. You are a pleasure to work with, and I'm sure I will be in touch with you by mail to get matching fabrics in the future.
    For all of you who have not been to Metro-- GO THERE. If you want to, go to the other stores first-- browse, think, get ideas-- but DON'T BUY anything till you go see Kashi. His prices are fantastic, his quality is excellent, and his service is exceptional. He'll always be my first stop in NYC.

  6. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Dear Kashi,
    Thank you so much for your kind help, beautiful fabrics, and amazing prices! I had a wonderful time at your store yesterday, and will definitely be stopping by each time I visit NYC :)

    Best wishes,
    The yellow-and-grey girl from San Francisco

  7. I recently made a brief trip to New York and had very limited shopping time. After reading the positive comments on the web I knew my destination would be Metro Textiles, and I made the perfect choice! I don't have adequate words to describe how many beautiful fabrics Kashi had in his shop, and true to what I had read his ability to sort through his stock and suggest the perfect fabric was astounding. Even my friend, a non-sewer, became hooked on fabrics while in Metro! This will be a definite stop every time I am in New York and I will definitely call him to suggest the perfect fabric for my next project. Thanks Kashi!

  8. jaeng4:00 AM

    I bought purple wool from you while shopping in your store with patternreview (PR)group
    back in NOV 07. And I made this
    coat. Cindy-Lou referred me to your blog.

    View the photo in this link.

  9. Hi Kashi, just a quick note to let you know that I wrote about your store on my blog ( I even posted a photo of you.

    I'll be back in as soon as I deplete some of my fabric stash.

  10. Mr. Kashi has been a delight to do business with. I called him looking for silk taffeta to make a skirt for my daughter's wedding. He sent me several samples. All were beautiful but one was just perfect for my needs. I will definitely visit his store when I am next in New York. A real find!

  11. Shelley8:21 AM

    Visiting Kashi and Metro Textiles was definately one of the highlights of my trip last week to NYC. Kashi is so friendly and helpful, has high quality fabrics and unbelievably low prices. He will even ship your treasurers, if like me, you purchased way too much to carry. And ... the lunch recommendation to Mr. Broadway was fantastic!

  12. Anastasia12:53 PM

    So my introduction and story with Kashi goes as follows.....I call him during a late (pooring rain) afternoon asking him what time he closes and where his store is located. This was the first time I was going there so I needed some direction. He told me that he would be there until 6-6:30pm and I end up finding the place around 7:15pm, if not later than that. He greats me with a smile. I ended up staying for at least another hour until I was done with selecting my fabric (talk about patience). I was amazed by the quality of fabric and the prices I found. In 2 cases I found the fabric at other stores 3 times the price in comparison to the prices at Metro. From that point on I have been a regular customer.

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  14. Simply amazing. I am forever a loyal customer.

  15. Marion Lingar4:51 AM

    A surprise trip to New York with a most wonderful find. Tucked into a room in an unassuming building in the heart of the garment district lies this jewel. You walk into his store and your eyes will glass over with love and desire for his beautiful fabrics. Your heart will race with giddiness, and your mind will start reeling with all the creative possibilities. You reach and touch, the silks, the the wools, the cottons, the satins, the organzas, the delicates and the durables, it's there and he'll help you find it. Like a true shopkeeper he does not get lost in his stock. Floor to ceiling, everywhere you look there is a new enticement. A perfect place to spend a rainy New York afternoon, or any New York afternoon. I crave my next trip to NY, just so I can visit this store again.

  16. I'm visitng NYC for a quick 3 day vacation, and first on my list of places to go (again) is Metro Textiles. I know that I'll find beautiful fabrics and that Kashi will make sure they make it to my home, and that if I afterwards decide that I really did need one (or more) pieces that I passed on, he'll send that to me also.


  17. Anonymous4:25 AM

  18. hello

    Do ya'll deliver fabrics?? and do custom textiles?? and last Have photos of the types of fabric you have or a website??


  19. Hello. Thanks for opening your store up for the Maryland ASG group on 11/7/09. This was my first trip. I heard so many positive things about your store. Thanks for the great deals. I will definately be back the next time I come to NYC! Thank you again.

  20. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  21. Anonymous4:09 AM

    I can honestly say that I finally found my favourite fabric store!Evertyhing,from fabric selection to reasonable cost to customer service, exceeded my expectations. Thank you Kashi and see you again soon!

  22. Hi,

    I was in January in your store, find it by Google on our trip to New York.
    It's was a nice unexpected visit. I took a picture of the store and at home of the fabric I bought then.
    Both you can download of my blogspot.
    See: and
    Thanks for the nice service that day.

    Greetings from Sandra from The Netherlands

  23. Hi Kashi

    It's Tee from the American Sewing Guild in Maryland! We hope to see you next month! Thanks for returning my call!

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  25. Kashi runs the best, kindest and most helpful fabric store in all of New York! Everything you need is there, and he will help you find what you are looking for! I go many miles to shop at Metro, and its always more than worth it!!!!

  26. Kashi, thanks for your help today. The ponte knits are gorgeous! I might be back again. Good thing you told me that you can ship fabric home if I buy too much!

  27. Kashi mailed some gorgeous fabric to me in Wisconsin as I couldn't get to visit his store in person... Excellent quality, beyond excellent service. CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO NYC and shop his store! Thanks Kashi!

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  29. hello someone knows how I can be contacted for email? Im looking for some textiles, thank you

  30. do you have email ? so i can send you some pictures of my own design, so i could purchase the right buttom fabric for my ceremony. Thank you.
    contact me if you can :

  31. Oh did I have fun! great selection for a smaller shop. Between Kaschi's suggestions and my sister (The Enabler), I left with far more than I expected.